How to Write a Good Book


Writing a good book may seem easy; however, it’s the complete opposite.

In the process of writing, you need to ensure you closely adhere to particular actions. Planning your book is the most important thing you can do. Make sure you have planned out how you are going to adhere to certain actions.


When writing a good book, everything needs to be strong


You need a strong opening, a strong rhythm, a strong structure, strong characters and settings and a strong conclusion. Without these, your book may lack what other books have. Here are a few tips and extended explanations for the tips previously mentioned.


Strong opening

You need a strong opening to be able to engage your readers straight away. You need to grab their attention as soon as you can; without grabbing their immediate attention they may lose interest quickly.


Strong rhythm

A strong rhythm will allow your book to flow. A good book will flow easily, meaning readers can follow the book and its rhythm simply.


Strong structure

Your book needs to have a strong structure. It needs to be clear and explicit. Without a strong structure, your book has the potential to feel weak and clumsy.


Strong characters

Be sure to fully develop your characters, both mentally and physically. You need each character to give off a strong personality and add effect to your book.


Strong setting/s

A strong setting will allow readers to feel connected with your book and grab their attention. Making the setting engaging and exciting will ensure the readers do not lose interest.


Strong conclusion

A book without a strong conclusion can seem disappointing. Your book needs to have a satisfying and strong conclusion that both entertains the reader and makes sense.


Make writing a daily activity

Writing daily will keep you in a routine and keep your mind focussed solely on your book. This will ensure you will stay engaged when it comes to writing.


Avoid overwriting or underwriting

Often, it can be easy to overwrite or underwrite. Try to avoid this and only write what is necessary. Including unnecessary elements could potentially lead to your readers losing interest.



Maintain your own originality. Be individualistic and harbour your own voice. Make your book something different for people to read.

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