How to Write a Good Book Title  


People don’t only judge books by their covers; they judge by titles too. Your book title needs to be effective and interesting, with the intention of grabbing potential readers attention. If your book title fails to be entertaining or engaging, it'll fail to grab people's attention. 


A book title is a small sales pitch


Your book title is not just a matter of writing a word or two and hoping for the best. There's a large amount of skills that go behind writing a good book title. So, here's how to write a good book title that will encapsulate your book and engage your potential readers... 


There are certain rules when it comes to writing your title that you should try to stick to. These include…


Keep it short

Keeping it short. Your book title needs to be short. Remember, potential readers will only look at your book for a few seconds and if the title is not short or appealing enough they may not show further interest.


Easy to remember

Making it easy to remember. If your book title is memorable, it is likely that more people will hear about it through word-of-mouth. Ensuring your readers can remember it, when they’ve read it or when they’ve seen it, will be a large advantage to you.



Making sure it’s descriptive, but not too descriptive. Your title should not tell readers everything about your book; however, it should be enough to give them an idea. This will attract those interested in the idea.


Show the genre

Allow it to show your books genre. Try to make sure your books title portrays its genre. This, along with your cover, will automatically attract people who are interested in that particular title; your target audience.


Your book title needs to be short, snappy and memorable 


These rules should essentially be followed by the vast amount of authors out there struggling to write the title for their book. Here are some tips to help if you are still struggling…


Do your research

Researching other book titles in the same genre as you, and possibly similar genres, can be essential. It will give you new ideas and inspiration for choosing your title. You can also see what titles worked and what titles didn’t.


Consider the value of your book

Try to consider the essence and value of your book. Every book has to have a main essence and value. Try to portray this essence and value within your title, giving your readers a small sense of what to expect in your book.


Think about visuals

Think about the visuals of your book. Is there any setting within your writing that is particularly special? If this setting plays an important part in your book and you feel it could attract readers; try to include it.


Add mystery

Add some mystery. Create a question. This mystery will no doubt draw readers in and make them want to read more and see what your book is about. Creating a question and making them think about a potential answer can be very effective in catching their attention.


Writing an effective book title is essential. It will be the main aspect that attracts people in to reading your book. It's vital to understand how to write a good book title, to take into consideration all the helpful tips and create the best book title you possibly can. 


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