How to Write a Bestseller


Writing a novel is not as easy as ABC. There are a lot of technical aspects to look out for when you’re writing a novel, let alone wanting to write a bestselling novel.


A bestselling novel sells on a large scale 


In terms of becoming an Amazon bestseller, if you bring in around 1,000 sales within the first few days, you’re on the way to making it to Amazon’s top 100 list. To be a Wall Street Journal bestseller, it’s 3,000 books in the first week and to be on the New York Times bestseller list it’s 9,000 copies in the first week. But, how does a book become a bestseller? Or, how do you write a book good enough to be a bestseller? 

Here are some important tips from bestselling authors…


Make sure you’ve got a plan

Before you even begin writing your book you must have a plan in place. This plan should define the direction you want your book to go, and when you’re writing your book you need to consistently refer to the plan. Don’t feel as though you cannot go off plan sometimes, but it’s important to make sure that you keep referring back to your plan to ensure your novel runs smoothly and has a satisfying connection from scene to scene. Losing track of your plan will essentially mean losing track of your novel and make it harder and less enjoyable for your readers to read.


Let real people inspire your characters

Observing real people is often one of the best, most effective ways of creating characters. Letting people’s real movements, characteristics, charms, etc. inspire and shape new characters is effective as you know exactly what you’re describing in such a distinctive manner and it really brings your characters to life. It makes your novel seem much more authentic and realistic.


To write a bestseller, you have to be creative, innovative and organised


Read, read and read

The best advice given to all authors, or aspiring authors is to read. Try to read as much as humanly possible in the time they’ve got to spare. The more they read, the more they learn. The more they learn, the better writer they become. This is because the more authors read, the more ideas, skills and tricks they can pick up and come to grips with. It gives you a sense of all the different tones and voices that authors write in and what works effectively in different novels. Reading widens your knowledge and strength in writing.


Always persevere

As an author, it can be tough to continue writing. To write is a hard task in itself; even harder when you have to deal with obstacles along the way such as writer’s block or, even worse, rejection. However, the best authors out there don’t let it stop them. They don’t let it get to them. Try to persevere as much as possible - be the best you can be and develop a hard outer shell that protects you and keeps you going through tough times when writing.


In terms of the actual writing of a bestseller - it’s just got to be a great novel. Your novel needs to be interesting, intriguing, unique; something that looks too good not to read. You need to define your style of writing and define the tone of voice you’re aiming to write in. Simply put, you have to write the best book you can possibly write. It's not about knowing how to write a bestseller, it's about knowing how to write a book so good it becomes a bestseller. 


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