Stop Procrastinating about Writing your Book


Procrastination may be one of the most difficult obstacles you face when writing your book.

There are many ways to battle this issue. Here are a few!


1. Break it up

Break your book into easily manageable sections. Having manageable sections and targets will lessen the chance of lack of motivation as the targets are easily achievable. Procrastination will more than likely be eliminated if you can break up your tasks and make each task achievable.


2. Reward yourself

Using rewards as a way to motivate you to complete a task will help you stop procrastinating. If you begin a task knowing what your reward will be when you accomplish it; you will feel much more motivated. Be sure to make the reward something you want so you feel the need to earn the reward.


3. Time schedules

Motivation can be created if you set yourself a certain time frame to complete a task. If you set a time, you will more than likely want to get as much done as you can do during that time limit. Set realistic targets and timers; make sure they are achievable but challenging.


Remember your end goal and don’t let procrastination hinder it.

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