How to Sell your Books with Amazon Ads


Promoting your book and gaining the recognition you deserve is becoming increasingly difficult.

As an author, you may not even know where to begin in regards to promoting your book. Self published books are not always easy to sell or publicise; as it is more than likely you are doing everything by yourself. There are a multitude of platforms out there that you can sell your books on, including Amazon. Learn how to sell your books with Amazon ads here... 


Amazon Advertising makes promoting your book easy


Set your own budget

You can spend as little or as much as you want; with positive outcomes. Amazon is the place people go to buy things they need, or want. Books included. People don’t go to Facebook to search for and buy books; they go to Amazon. Amazon has an audience of 244 million people, exploit this large audience.


Be shown next to similar authors 

You will be promoting your book/s alongside books and authors similar to yours. As well as this, you can target readers by keywords and search terms. Having your book appear alongside authors similar to you; it will be more than likely reaching your target audience. Reaching your target audience is essential to you, it can result in more book sales and recognition.


Reach new audiences

Following on from this, reaching new audiences will hopefully lead to more loyal readers who recognise your hard work. Gaining these loyal readers can further lead to things such as more email newsletter subscribers, social media followings, etc. This increased recognition can improve your future book sales and enhance your chance at gaining an even larger audience.


Selling your books with Amazon ads may not have been something you ever thought about. However, with such a large audience who visit Amazon with the intention of buying something, where can you go wrong?

Have your books featured alongside bestselling authors, gain the recognition you deserve, grow your audience and following; all with Amazon Advertising.**


**Advertising books through Amazon Marketing Services is only available to Kindle Direct Publishing authors and books vendors with a retail relationship


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