How to Publish an eBook


Writing and publishing an eBook is a popular and often lucrative option for authors. With a vast range of platforms and online tools to help you create your book, getting it out into the world has never been easier. 

There are some key factors to consider though before you begin your publishing journey. Writing your book is only a small part of publishing. Let’s consider the main elements needed to transform your first manuscript into an elegant eBook ready for publication. Here's how to publish an eBook!


Write a book

Writing and finishing a book is a huge achievement. You should ensure you have a complete, edited manuscript before you begin planning your publishing journey. Choose your genre, tell your story, craft your narrative. Use online tools and courses to refine your manuscript. Test it out on friends, family and peers. Using a professional editor is preferable in ensuring your book is readable and at its best. Once you have your final draft, it’s time to plan your eBook.


Create your eBook

A finished manuscript is just part of the publishing process. Multiple components will be brought together to create the final book, including cover design, book description, category and keyword research, authors and book name and title. You may be writing a series, so it’s important to include this information in your front or back matter. Book covers are key to publicising and require careful thought and consideration. The advantage of eBook publishing is that changes can be made to covers at a later stage. Make a list and pull all required elements together.


Find a platform

There are many ways to get your book published online. It’s important to consider your audience, the format of your book and how widely you want to publish it. Despite the multitude of tools and platforms, it is simple to put together and publish an eBook if you have a working knowledge of MS word and Google.


Publishing an eBook is a quick and simple process


Ask for help

You’ve worked hard to finish your book and the task of preparing it for publication seems overwhelming. Asking for help with any aspect of publishing is common. Designers can help with book covers, editors and proof-readers will ensure readability and online tools can deliver formatting and imagery help. Just because it’s easy to access doesn’t mean you should struggle alone. Enlist the right help and play to your own strengths.


Sell your book

Now your book is ready, it needs a sales plan. The simple act of having it out in the world may be enough for you. If you want to make money, you will need to promote your new book and this means telling people about it. Utilise social media in the lead up to release. Long-term planning could involve guest blog posts, book group appearances or bonus material. Promoting your book is not a one-off activity. Be prepared to continue work on it to provide good reviews, rankings and sales. If somebody loves it, let the world know!


And that's how to publish an eBook! It's your job to customise and personalise your eBook publishing journey however you wish. 


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