How to get Published on Amazon


Self publishing is easier than ever now!

Have you just written the next best romance novel? How about a fantasy series to rival some of the biggest names out there? Now you don’t need to send your book to hundreds of big publishers in order to reach an audience. 

Here we take a quick look at how to get published on Amazon.


Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing (or KDP as it’s often shortened to) is an online tool authors can use to self-publish their books and sell them on Amazon. It’s free to use and comes with a number of useful tools such as a file convertor, sales tracker and book formatter.


Preparing to get published on Amazon

Firstly you need to prepare your manuscript and cover for eBook publishing on Amazon. Useful resources can be found on the Amazon KDP website. While you’re there, check that the content of your book meets their guidelines.

Use an existing Amazon account to sign into Kindle Direct Publishing or simply sign up for a free account. Once you have signed in to KDP, go to ‘Bookshelf,’ click on ‘Create New Title’ and select the Kindle eBook option.


Entering information about your book

Title & Author Name – Stating the obvious but before your book can get published on Amazon it needs a title. Decide whether you want to use your own name or a pseudonym alongside it.

Book Description – You won’t sell your book if people don’t know what it’s about. Create an engaging, interesting and, most importantly, unique book description that will capture the reader’s attention. Research how to optimise your book description for Amazon searches.

Categories & Keywords – Don’t be afraid to get quite specific when it comes to choosing your books category. The more precise you are, the more likely readers are to find it. Consider the keywords people may use in their searches.


Amazon makes publishing easy 


Uploading your manuscript to Amazon

Before you can get published on Amazon your manuscript needs to be formatted and converted. Amazon recommends uploading your manuscript in Microsoft Word DOC/DOCX or HTML formats. You will then able to use the KDP file conversion tool to create your eBook and get published on Amazon. Take advantage of the preview option to ensure your manuscript has converted properly.


Uploading or creating a cover

Upload an attractive, eye-catching cover to make your eBook stand out. If you don’t already have one, you can use KDP tool to create one.


Pricing your eBook

This section of the Amazon publishing process will require you to set a listing price for your book, along with distribution rights, territories and a royalty plan. Keep in mind that Amazon takes a percentage of the royalties you earn.


Ready, Set, Publish!

Done filling in the information? It’s time to get published on Amazon! Hit the button and expect to see details of your book appear on Amazon around 24 hours later. 


Now you know how to get published on Amazon! Amazon make it easier than ever to get published and become the published author you've always wanted to become. 


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