How to Format Your eBook


Publishing a book doesn't always mean print books. 

You can publish your book in eBook format, but, to some, formatting their book for eBook publication may seem scary or too technical. Here's how to format your eBook.


Save your content in a DOC or DOCX format

It is recommended you write your book in Word. You should save your content in a DOC or DOCX format and save many times whilst writing to ensure you don’t lose your work. You can include tables within your book if you so wish. You can use Word-default paragraph indents, bold characters, italics and headings. If your book requires any images, insert JPEG formatted images with centre alignment, don’t copy and paste (Insert > Picture).


Page breaks

With the beginning pages of your book, everything simply needs to have a page break underneath the text. For the title page, centre align the text with the title on top and your author name underneath followed by a page break. The Copyright page must also be followed by a page break. The same rule applies for any dedications, a preface and a prologue (these are optional).


Text formatting

Formatting your text is easy as Word should have automatically done any average formatting whilst writing. This includes indentations, text spacing and separate paragraphs. Be sure to insert a page break after the last sentence of each book chapter (Insert > Page Break).


With the rise of eBooks, it can be a good idea for authors to understand the format for eBooks


Hard returns

Hard returns are where you press enter or return while typing. They are usually invisible. To show these hard returns, use the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+Shift+* or Command+8 for Macs. You will see hard returns marked with the paragraph symbol (¶).Hard returns indicate where you want new paragraphs to start or want line spaces added.



When it comes to paragraphing, tab spacing doesn’t convert to Kindle. You have to indent paragraphs by clicking in front of the line you want to indent, click page layout tabin Word, click the Paragraph Dialogue Box Launcher,then click the Indents and Spacingtab. In the special list under Indentation, click First Line and then in the Bybox, set the amount of space you want the first line to be indented by. 


Correct file format

Once everything is formatted in the way you wish, save your Word file to your Documents folder or Desktop in Web Page, Filtered (*HTM and *HTML) (for PC) or Web page (.htm) (for Mac) format. This format is required to build a successful eBook.


This is a simplified and easy way to format your book for eBook publication. To even consider publishing your eBook, you must format it correctly so it's incredibly important to know how to format your eBook. 


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