How to Find Your Target Audience  


Not everyone is going to enjoy your book. You cannot put your book in front everyone and expect it to get a crazy amount of sales. You need to find your target audience, your niche, the group of people who will actually take notice of your book and potentially buy it. 

If you’ve determined and defined a target audience, you’re going to see so many more positive results than you would if you were promoting your work to anyone and everyone. This is because you’ve specified people who will definitely be interested and you’re aiming your efforts towards them. Focussing on certain groups of people will work in your favour much more than throwing out promotion to no one in particular.

So, here’s how to find your target audience!


Look at your content

First of all, take a look at the content within your book and decipher who would enjoy it and take an interest. It’ll be easy enough to look at the content of your book and see who it would engage.

To do this, all you will need to look at is genre, themes, character descriptions, settings, and so on. From this, you can then determine groups of people who would be interested. For example, if your book is a romantic book, you’re probably not going to engage most 50 year old men with full time jobs and a family of 4. It’s easy enough to determine the vague groups, but after this - you need to drill down further and go more into demographics, behaviours and interests.


Look at competition

Competition is the best place to look to find your target audience. Your competition will have a built up audience that will most definitely be similar to the audience your book will reach.

Looking at competition will also allow you to see how they engage their audience and what they post. You’ll be able to vaguely see the result and responses they get from their audience, from which you’ll be able to see if it works or if it doesn’t. Analysing your competition and its audience is probably one of the most beneficial tasks to complete as you will begin to build up a realistic and truthful version of your potential audience from these existing audiences.


In order to sell your book, you need to know your target audience


Create personas

Once you’ve gone through these previous stages and anything else you’d like to do, you then need to create audience personas. Audience personas allow you to completely visualise your audience members, which then enables you to tailor your content towards them properly.

Your audience personas are essentially profiles of ideal readers and customers. Once you've determined and defined these ideal readers, you'll be able to correlate these to real audiences and find your perfect audience much easier.


Finding your target audience is absolutely essential to ensure you put your content in front of people who matter. Placing your promotional content in front of anyone will only make for a haphazard and strung together strategy with less response and reaction than you deserve. The more you define your audience, the more of a chance you get of your strategy working effectively.

To find out more about how to find your target audience, you can read our article where we discuss each step to finding your target audience over on our Marketing Hub. 


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