How to Create Great Author Website Content


Creating a website is not just the design of it; it’s also the content you write and use. Your website needs to have great content that is engaging, interesting, exciting and unique to you. Your website is a place dedicated to you and your work. It’s a place to sell yourself. It’s where people will look to get a real insight as to who you are, why you wrote your book, your goals, and everything else. 

So how do you create great author website content?



To get started, you must do your research. Research is crucial when you’re doing anything. It’s what will enhance your knowledge and help you understand more about certain things. In this case, website content.

You should be doing research into your target audience. This is into things such as keyword searches, interests, demographics, behaviour, etc. All of this research creates a target audience persona that will help you build up an idea of how to attract them. Once you've got this persona, you can build your website content around them.


Avoid Jargon 

Whilst jargon may be ingrained into your brain as your normal, everyday language; it’s not for everyone else. This relates to the previous tip, to ensure that you keep your visitors in mind rather than yourself.

Mixing jargon within everyday conversation is bound to confuse people as they will not understand what you’re talking about and what you’re trying to tell them. So, one way to ensure that the content you create is accessible by everyone is ensuring you leave your technical jargon to one side and only use everyday conversation that everyone will be able to understand and recognise.


Your author website is there to engage people and gain their interest



Whilst not necessarily content, imagery is absolutely essential. Without imagery, your website can look extremely dull and boring. Imagery adds dynamics to the site and makes it more interactive and engaging.

The images you use need to relate closely to your brand message and values. They need to be a visual representation of you and your work. Imagery needs to work hand in hand with content and values. Images are also great at telling a story. Real life imagery that you may have taken allows visitors to get a better insight to you and understand you more.


Tone / Voice 

The tone and voice that you’re conveying is extremely important. You need to ensure that you convey the same tone and voice throughout the whole of your website, and this comes hand in hand with defining your author brand.

The content you write needs to align with what your beliefs are and what you value. You need to create a tone and a voice that’s friendly and approachable, as well as easy to read and understand. People will recognise a positive tone and voice and immediately recognise you as a positive person.


When creating your author website content, you need to do everything you can to make sure it's effective and the best quality it can be.  You can find out more about writing great content over on our Marketing Hub article! Our Marketing Hub is specifically for subscribers of Tickety Boo Ink. 


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