How Much Does it Cost to Self Publish?


Self publishing your book only costs as much as you want it to cost.

There are aspects you cannot afford to disregard. These include editing, book cover design, layout and the obvious, printing and distribution. Without these factors, your book won’t be the best it can be. So, how much does it cost to self publish?



This can come in many different forms. There is copy editing, developmental editing and proofreading. Depending on the editor; you will get charged differently. They will either charge by word count, page count or per hour. Editors rates can range from as low as £20 per hour to £60 an hour. It wholly depends on what service you go for and what they charge.

Another option when it comes to editing your book is that you can simply get a friend or members of a writing community you are in to help edit it. This can be free, or for a small fee, depending on the situation. As long as they provide a high quality editing service and help you produce your best book; it’s worth it.


Book cover

People judge books by their covers. Your book cover needs to be as eye-catching as it can be, in order to gain people’s attention. You can hire a professional to design your book cover, and you can pay from as little as £5 to as much as £4,000. You can pay as much as you want to get the cover you want; or you can simply design it by yourself, for free.


Self publishing only costs how much you want it to


Formatting and typesetting

When it comes to formatting and typesetting, it can be done by yourself; as the previous two can be. Formatting prices can range from £100 to £400. Some professionals charge per page and per images when it comes to typesetting, with an average of £2.50 per page for a plain text book. The format of your book has to be correct in order to be published.



Finally, the actual publication process. It differs completely with different self publishing platforms. However, you need an ISBN when publishing. This ISBN is not always provided by the platform and can be quite expensive for just one (£89) yet reduces in price each as the amount increases, e.g. 1000 for £949.

The Society for Editors and Proofreaders have set suggested minimum hourly rates for freelancers. These rates should give you an idea of what they will charge per hour if they do it that way. Proofreading is £23.35, copy editing £27.15, developmental editing £31.30, project management £33.80, and indexing £24.


Promotion costs

After publication, you have to consider promotion costs. You may choose to not spend any money in your strategy; which is okay. It’s also okay to spend a large amount of money on your strategy. It, again, is dependent upon you and your preferences.


You only ever have to spend as much money as you want to when self publishing. Self publishing will cost, but how much it will cost is dependent on the route you want to take and what you want to spend money on. How much it costs to self publish is an individualistic price. 


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