How do you Start Writing Your Book?


Writing the book you have always dreamt of writing may be a very difficult process.


Writing a book takes an incredible amount of patience


You may struggle finding motivation to continue, or to even start, writing; but it will all be worth it in the end. We promise. To begin writing your book is the most difficult part; to find that motivation to begin the tough journey. So, how do you start writing your book?


Step one

The first, most significant step to begin writing your book is deciding on the genre. Be sure to research your genre and get a clear understanding of people’s perception on the particular genre. Doing this research will ensure your interpretation of the genre is accurate as well as unique.


Step two

Once you have mastered your interpretation; you can begin to shape your plot and produce an outline of your book.  An important part of shaping your plot is knowing your target audience and knowing what will attract this audience. Your plot needs to be intriguing and individualistic, generating your own voice and style.


Step three

Next, you have to build profiles for your characters. These profiles need to consist of your characters personalities, relationships between characters, each of their motives and any other necessary details. Plan out how characters react to elements within your plot and how the plot will affect each character. Think about the dynamics the characters create and how these dynamics help shape the plot.


Step four

Just before you begin writing be sure to plan out the direction you want each chapter to go in. Have a clear understanding of each small plot within your book and know exactly what you want to happen in each chapter or small section.


Step five

Writing! Once you are completely happy with the amount of planning you have done, you are ready to write! Ensure you find your author voice and follow the plans you have produced. Planning out a writing schedule is almost as important as planning your book. Try to maintain this writing schedule.


Without a beginning, you'll never reach the end


Planning your book will make writing it even easier. Having a plan laid out in front of you will make your writing journey that little bit easier. You will be able to follow a structured plan that includes everything within in that you need to start writing your book. 

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