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In the UK, around 2.5 - 3.5 million people apply to publish a book each year.  Out of those, approximately 250,000 are successful.

Tickety Boo Ink has the ability to change these statistics.


We give everyone the opportunity to publish the book they have always dreamt of.


With Tickety Boo Ink you don’t have to worry about getting an agent, an editor or a publisher. You are in full control of your book.

Our team hold the belief that every author should have the freedom to publish what they want, when they want. No author should have to worry about losing control of their book and not earning the rewards they deserve. This is exactly why we created our easy to use, simple and effective equivalent to publishing. Publish your books in a few simple steps with Tickety Boo Ink, and get a website to market this stunning book. 

Your website will help you get seen by a wider audience; it makes you reliable, credible and trustworthy. On our websites you can sell your book and, unlike with traditional publishing, earn all revenue from a sale. We don't believe in taking any of your rightfully earned money. 

Everything we offer is to benefit every author out there wanting to publish a book. 

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