Guide to Effective Imagery


Effective imagery is key to great content. It’s what will attract readers and lure them into reading the content. Imagery has the power to provoke emotion and make the readers feel something.


Images need to add value to posts


Imagery is most effective when it adds value to content, as well as adding value to the readers lives. It’s all about making sure your imagery is eye catching, works alongside your brand values and is of good quality.


It’s said that around 300 million photographs are uploaded to Facebook each day. And that’s only one social channel… 

This, immediately, shows the importance of getting imagery that has a meaning and is enough to provoke emotion. Often, the images that people mainly stop for are the images that have some sort of meaning to us or that create a certain feeling. People are searching for content that goes beyond a neutral emotion, content that they can immediately connect with and already feel positive about the content before even reading the copy.


Simply having imagery that means something to people will automatically improve your content and boost your reputation


Imagery that means something to someone won’t go unnoticed. People will stop to purposely look at the content with the imagery that matters to them.


It’s vital to define brand values; then it’s even more important to consistently inject your brand values and keep them consistent. Consistency is key. 

Your content and imagery do not have to directly relate to your brand values, it’s just important to remember what your values and beliefs are. These need to be prevalent within anything you do, and this includes imagery.


The more you reiterate your brand, the more your readers will understand you and trust what you have to say


If you’re persistent in sharing content that reiterates your values and beliefs, people will start to build connections with you and recognise you for the brand you’ve created.  


The key to great imagery is making sure it of good quality, eye-catching, engaging, real and reiterates your branding. You can see more of our tips on making sure your imagery is effective over on our Marketing Hub, exclusively made for subscribers of our services.  


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