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If anyone knows how frustrating it is to lose work, it’s a writer!


As a writer, you can pour your heart and soul into a piece of work; just to lose it because it didn’t save properly, or for various other reasons


Google Drive eliminates those situations. Google Drive automatically saves the work you spent hours writing. You have the ability to create as many documents you want; with a selection of various document types (e.g. slides, sheets). All with one login.

With Google Drive, organising your work has never been easier. You have the capability of creating multiple folders, folders within folders and even having the option to upload a file into the folders. Alongside this, if you have a folder within your own computer documents, you can upload said folder with all contents onto your Google Drive.

There is an option to be able to share your documents and files with someone else through an email address. This option then allows said person to access your document and edit it how they see necessary.


Google Drive makes creating content, saving it and keeping it stored safely; easy


It makes writer’s jobs much easier, and much less frustrating. 

With Tickety Boo Ink you have the option to utilise Google Drive and all its features.

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