G Suite for Authors


The vast variety of features G Suite has allows you to create, control, connect and collaborate easily. These features include Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, and many more. For authors, G Suite is actually extremely useful and beneficial. 


Stay organised with G Suite 


Having a personalised Gmail address resonates with trust and reliability. As an author, you may want to reach out to people and contact them easily. Gmail lets you do this. It is available from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

A Calendar can help you create a schedule which you can share with others and let them know what your schedule for the week/month is. Having this easily accessible schedule allows you to put all your plans in one place, available to see or update from anywhere, at any time.

Google Drive comes with Docs, Sheets, and more. Google Drive automatically saves any work you create, without the need for you to keep remembering to click save. As soon as you are finished working on a document, Drive’s functionality allows you to simply leave the document and it is automatically saved. This means you will never lose a piece of work again.


G Suite gives you full control as an author


The features of G Suite are endless. They are all beneficial to an author; to keep yourself and your work organised.

At Tickety Boo Ink, we provide G Suite for authors who want it. G Suite is extremely beneficial to have; to grow an email list from Gmail, to keep all your plans and schedules in one place and to never lose a piece of work again.

We can set up your account for you and ensure it is all Tickety Boo.  

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