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Freelance writing is the art of providing authors with the necessary help.

As a freelancer, there are a multitude of areas you can specialise in. These areas range from blogging and content writing to editing and ghostwriting. Each area requires particular skills and knowledge on how to complete the tasks.

Writing tasks such as:


1. Blogging

Being a freelance blogger means you update your clients blogs and maintain their community


2. Content writing

Content writing is the act of writing specifically for interest use 


3. Copywriting

Copywriting means you are writing for marketing purposes


4. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting means you write a book or manuscript under the name of your client


5. Journalism

Journalism is as it says; writing for journalistic purposes


And much more!


These all require certain writing skills and a confidence within your skills. This confidence will assist you when acquiring new clients and promoting yourself.


Editing requires different skills than providing a writing service. There are different types of editing, each will alternative amounts of control over what you are editing.


1. Copyediting 

The act of applying a professional finish to the manuscript by correcting any grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors


2. Line editing 

You will analyse the power of each line and consider elements such as word choice


3. Substantive editing 

Works on the actual prose; considering the manuscripts organisation and presentation


5. Developmental editing 

Leaves you with the most control; you look deeply into every aspect of the manuscript and make sure it is publication perfect


There are endless possibilities for anyone wanting to become a freelancer. All available jobs and titles cover a large area of expertise. Anyone who has the skills required to be a freelancer in at least one of these areas can exploit these skills and help out those who need it.

Why not utilise your skills and become a freelancer?

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