Finding Inspiration to Write


Sometimes, finding inspiration to write can prove tough.


There are endless possibilities to find inspiration to write a book


However, finding those endless possibilities may not be as easy as it seems to some.


Existing writing

The simplest ways to find inspiration to write is from existing books and blogs. You cannot plagiarise ideas from books, nor can you copy what people have written and use it for your book. However, you can gain inspiration. If you are struggling for character or plot development, reading multiple books’ descriptions of characters or figuring out the plots may help you think. Seeing what other people write will help you.


Art forms

There are other artistic aspects such as magazines, movies, music, art, and much more. These forms of art will more than likely help you gain inspiration to write; writing is simply another form of art. Art can help you form ideas and give you the inspiration and motivation you needed to continue making art; writing.


Other people

Other experiences used to gain inspiration can include observing people or from overheard conversations. Observing people in situations can help you develop a character or create a new character. Overheard conversations can aid you in writing any dialogue and figuring out each of your characters voices.


Writing groups

More inspiration to write can be found through writing groups and real life experiences. If you are stuck for a character development, think about someone in your life you have come across that made an impression. Writing groups can help give you inspiration through writing prompts and tips.


Once you have found inspiration to write, you will more than likely not be able to stop. It is all about finding that one bit of inspiration to fuel the fire.

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