Family History Books


Writing a book on your family history leaves a legacy.

Family histories are important documents, and you are an important person. You have a lot of information to pass on to everyone in your family, to your children, to the next generation of your family and potentially many more.


1. Document memories before they're lost

Over time family stories and memories will become distorted and then forgotten. Writing a family story will allow you to reflect on the memories your family members have previously told you. Having these all documented within one book will give you the opportunity to revisit these memories whenever you wish to.


2. Understand your family 

Through writing a family history book, there may be a newly built sense of solidarity and understanding of your family dynamics. Piecing together all of your family stories can help you understand the dynamics of your family. You may never have understood this dynamic or understood your former family members, however this will no doubt change when you write a family history book. This new found understanding can be passed down through the generations.


You need never lose any information or family histories anymore. With Tickety Boo Ink, we give anyone the opportunity to publish their book and own a website to showcase the book to the world. If you have written a family history book, you can publish this book as many times as you want for your family to keep.

Leave a legacy and publish your family history book today.

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