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Facebook prides itself on having more than 2 billion users worldwide. Due to this, it’s often seen as one of the most important social media platforms to utilise. But, is it worth it?

It’s the heart of social interactivity and allows you to engage with a wide variety of people in a wide variety of ways. Facebook is great for authors as it can be a safe haven for you to show your readers / website visitors / people who you really are. It’s important to be authentic on your Facebook, to allow people to trust you.

Those who are interested in what your account has to offer will like or follow you on it. But how do you get these people to find you in the first place?


1. They visited your website and clicked on the Facebook link provided

It’s essential to have social links on your website that allow people to click through and take a look at your social channels to get to know you even more.


2. They found you elsewhere online and looked for you on Facebook

This could be another social media account, another website, anything. Either way, try to include your Facebook links anywhere you can to encourage people to click through and visit your page.


3. They finished reading something you wrote and liked you on Facebook

If people like what they read, they will follow it up and perhaps search for the author or find the author somewhere. That’s why it is always important to include contact details at the end of your book or somewhere on your book.


4. They received your newsletter and clicked through to Facebook

It goes without saying that you need to include your social media links in newsletters, just the same as your website, etc. If people are interested in the content in the newsletter, they’ll hopefully click through to your Facebook or something else to find out more. 


These aren’t the only reasons. There are certain things to look out for when gaining likes and followers, such as the content you’re posting, your target audience, and so on. Your page needs to have engaging and interesting content to even be considered to be liked.


Facebook is great for building relationships and having meaningful interactions


What are the key principles when you're using Facebook? 


1. Target posts appropriately and reduce noise

When using Facebook, you’re going to have a very particular audience that will be interested in specific posts. This is why it’s very important to experiment with what works and what your audience enjoy the most. Once experimenting, you’re going to know what posts are the most popular and what should be sent out. 

Alongside this, you need to remember to reduce your noise. People feel discouraged if they see pages that post too often. This discouragement could lead to an increase in unlikes, unfollows, etc. which is the complete opposite to what you want / need. Less is more. 


2. Interact, don’t automate everything

If you get stuck in a routine of automating everything, your page is never going to look human and authentic. It’s all about being real and showing who you are, posting things that are targeted towards your audience as well as engaging and interactive posts. 

You must remember to interact. Without engaging and interacting with your audience, you’re never going to encourage them to interact back. Remember to talk to people, answer their queries, create discussions, spark conversations. It’s absolutely essential to talk to your audience to break the author audience barrier.


3. Don’t overestimate

When posting, you may overestimate your audience and assume they know about everything you’re posting about. The reality is, they won’t. Not everyone’s going to understand what you post - so it’s important to give context and talk about why you’re sharing it or your thoughts on it. Keep your content relevant but easily understandable and digestible.


4. Post valuable content

This is absolutely essential. You need to be sure that the content you’re writing and posting will add value to your audience’s lives; rather than just be another static post that adds no value whatsoever. You cannot post content just because you feel the need to; everything you post needs to be worthy of actually being posted and needs to be well thought out.


5. Look at your analytics

Keeping a close eye on your analytics is vital. You need to be sure that what you’re doing is effective and that your audience are interacting and engaging as you wished. If not, what could be changed? Looking at your analytics allows you to make data-driven decisions on what should be done next and what should be improved.


Of course, there is a lot more to Facebook for authors than all of these factors... and you can find all this on our Marketing Hub! Our Hub is available free for all our subscribers, and you can see the full Facebook guide for authors here


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