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Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to ensure your message gets directly in front of people, and the right people at that.


Your emails must be valuable and entertaining


The emails you deliver should not always be the same old promotional emails that add no value to your subscribers lives. Your emails must always add value in some way; whether it be through the content, any offer you’re giving, promotional codes, anything that is relevant to your readers. Email marketing for authors, effectively, revolves around the ideology of building up your credibility with outstanding emails and valuable, talent packed content. 


Email marketing involves a whole range of email types and formats. They can be... 


Announcement of new Work

This may not be often; but sending out emails that announce new work, or the planning / process of the beginning of new work are always a good option. These types of emails are produced to create excitement and induce a sense of anticipation. The more you build up to the release of new work or little things such as the titles, the names of characters, the blurb, etc.; the more exciting it becomes for your subscribers.


Author Interviews 

If you’ve recently been lucky enough to have an interview with another author, or you’ve had an interview, send an email about it! Maybe send an email during the run up to the interview and let people know it’s happening, then send an email out once the interview has happened summing up what happened.



People love promotions. Subject lines that offer promotions are opened simply because people want to see the offer and see what they can get; they don’t want to miss out on anything. You can send out emails that offer promotions on your book, or anything else that you sell (e.g. merchandise) and perhaps thank your subscribers / readers, as without them you wouldn’t be able to offer these once in a lifetime promotions. Using language such as that makes the readers feel a sense of urgency and that if they don’t make use of the offer now, they’re going to miss out - and they would not want to miss out at all.


And so much more!

It's all about testing what works for you and what gets your audience engaged the most. Experiment with your emails and remember to always add value!


We discussed more topics to use for email marketing over on our Marketing Hub here, free for all subscribers of Tickety Boo Ink! 


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