Effectively Manage your Time


Effective time management is the key to success.

When writing your book, be certain that you are managing your time well. Time management is a skill that, to some, may prove difficult. However, it’s a skill that is worth mastering.


1. Use timers

Be sure to use timers and set goals to reach. Using timers will motivate you to attempt to defeat the timer and reach your goal. The timer will feel like a clear finish line to you. If you reach this clear finish line, reward yourself. Rewarding yourself will give you the motivation to reach other finishing lines after you’ve reached this one.


2. Don't overwork yourself

This being said, do not overwork yourself at all. Only work for as long as you can effectively work for. If you set the timer for an unachievable amount of time, you may feel disheartened if you don’t reach the intended goal. Be sure to set your timer and goals to a realistic amount; think about yourself and your own sanity.


3. Take breaks

Following on from this, take breaks as many times as you want. You can stop the timer if you’d prefer to; but, whatever you do, make sure to take these breaks as they are essential. If you don’t take necessary breaks, you may feel weary and unmotivated.


4. Stick to the plan

Planning out your day, even your week, and sticking to that plan closely will help immensely. Seeing a tangible plan for the rest of your day/week will motivate you to complete all the actions you have and reach the goal you set yourself. Be sure to plan out other necessities throughout your day/week, not just your writing. Take into consideration the rest of your life and see what writing you can fit around your already existing plans.


Effective time management is vital; it will allow you to reach all your goals as quick as possible.

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