Do you Need an Editor as an Author? 


An editor is someone who will take care of your book. They will go through the ins and outs of your book until it is deemed as the highest standard it can be.  

There are a multitude of different editors; for example, copy editors, developmental editors and so on. Copy editors will simply review your work, correcting any grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. This review could be the difference between a good and a bad book. So, do you need an editor as an author? 


Your words may not make sense

Everything you have written, from plot to characters to settings, will make sense in your own head but may not translate well on paper and make sense in the readers head. This could mean that you have failed to articulate your ideas correctly. An editor will review this and help you fix this issue; from a critical perspective. They will ensure your book is suitable for everyone to read and that it is all clear to the reader.


Editors help you reassess aspects of your book

Editors will not hesitate to ask you questions. These questions can help you reassess your writing and particular aspects within your book. An editor can easily determine any weak parts within your book and target questions at those sections. The questions they ask will be insightful to you and help you know what needs improving or explaining further.


An editor can improve the quality of your book 


They will be honest

Professional editors will recognise your strengths and weaknesses. They will target your weaknesses and how to improve them; as well as perhaps enhancing your particular strengths. If you know your specific weaknesses and how to improve these within your writing, your book can immediately be made better. Alongside this, if you are aware of your strengths you can exploit these in the same book or perhaps in future writing.


It's obvious when your book has and hasn't been edited

People will be able to tell if your book has been edited. They will also be able to tell if it has been well-edited or poorly edited. It is entirely up to you what you do in terms of editing your book; but your readers will more than likely be able to tell. Editing will determine the quality of your book and the writing; which then determines the popularity.


Some will choose to not hire an editor, whilst others will. Not all authors will feel there is a necessity for an editor, it is a personal preference. Before deciding whether you need an editor as an author, you need to list the advantages and disadvantages for your personal situation. This way, you will come to a fair and equal decision. 


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