Do You Need an Author's Website


The simple answer is yes. You definitely need a website if you’re an author.


A website is the heart of your work, your author brand, your values, and more


An author's website is a place for you to show people who you are and your talents. It will give you that little bit more of a chance of appearing higher in search engine results due to an amazing tool called SEO. SEO is search engine optimisation, which optimises your site for higher ranking in results; meaning more people will see you.

The better and more targeted your SEO is, the more chance you have of people seeing your website and taking notice. People will be using keywords to search for what they want to find, and if they're using keywords similar to the ones you've used; your website is going to appear. Without using these keywords and optimising your website, you won't appear as high up in results. Therefore, without a website at all you're going to find it very difficult to even appear in these search engine results.


A website is a place for you to be found


Alongside all this, your author's website, once found, is the perfect place to showcase everything about you. It's a dedicated place to you and your work; to tell your website visitors, new or old, more about you and your journey as an author. People will love to find out everything there is to know about you, it enables them to feel connected to you and feel as though they know you on a personal level. This further allows people to build real connections with you and begin building relationships. Relationships are important for creating loyal readers. 

Your author's website is what's going to set you apart from your competition. Your website will be completely unique to you and have customised elements that make your website yours. It will have your unique selling points and will show your individuality. It's extremely important to be seen as unique as there are endless amounts of competition out there that your potential readers may prefer if your website is generic and dull, or if you don't have a website at all.


The reasons as to why you need a website are endless 


Your website is where you'll sell yourself. It's where you're going to persuade website visitors to purchase your work, and it's also where you give information about you to allow visitors to familiarise themselves with you. The more your website visitors learn about you, the more of a connection they're going to have with you. 

If you're still not persuaded, you can read our Marketing Hub article on it here to show you more about why you need a website. 


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