Do You Need an Author Email Address?


A professional author email address gives you a sense of authority. It ensures that recipients know who they’re receiving an email from and that it’s legitimate. An unprofessional author email address can run risks of seeming illegitimate and untrustworthy.

With a “no reply” email address or an email address that seems too informal, people may feel uneasy contacting you back.


An author email address reassures people that you’re genuine


So why have you still got an unprofessional and informal author email address? Even an email address along the lines of “[email protected]” is better than a dodgy email made when you were 10 years old.



People need to be able to trust you. They need to be able to feel that they can email you back if necessary without feeling uncomfortable. People will trust a professional, legitimate email address.

Trust is absolutely vital in an author and reader exchange. If readers trust you, they’ll feel happy to communicate with you and build relationships with you. Building relationships is important as it converts people from one time readers into loyal readers. 



This goes hand in hand with being trustworthy. People need to be able to email you and feel secure in the fact that their email is being sent to an actual person and they won’t be scammed.

More often than not, people won’t feel secure or safe emailing someone back with an email address that seems fake or unprofessional - unless they know the address personally.

If you’re wanting people to email you, you need to have a professional email address that reassures people they’re sending their email to a legitimate person and no bad repercussions will occur.


And more!!

There are endless benefits to having a professional email address. It enables your readers to trust you and feel secure in emailing you with anything they want to discuss with you. It also makes sure your authority as an author is consistent and always of a high status.


To find out about the extra benefits... you can read our article on the benefits of a professional email address over on our Marketing Hub! Our Marketing Hub is free for our subscribers and gives you all the information you need to market your book.  


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