Can Writing A Book Change Your Life?


Writing a book is a goal accomplished. It's a journey completed. Your book will become a part of you, it will become your proudest piece of work. 

The whole process of writing a book takes a large amount of perseverance and determination. It requires you to ignore any distractions, any lack of confidence and any other obstacles you may face. Defeating these obstacles will allow you to grow as a person. A lot of people do not realise that writing a book can change your life. It can change your way of thinking, your personality, your approach to life, and so on. 


Writing a book will help you grow as a person


When writing a book, you may feel disheartened and unmotivated. Thinking about the finishing goal and how your life will change once you have published your finished book will enable you to gain more motivation and momentum. This motivation and momentum is essential when writing your book; without it you may never finish writing. When you have reached your goal and finished your book, you will feel strong and confident; you have remained persistent and let no obstacle stop you.  

This new found confidence can be the foundation for building a new persona. By writing a book you have opened doors that were once shut; you have created a multitude of new paths for your life to follow. These new paths, alongside your new persona, can shape a new lifestyle for you. All of this is due to you finishing your book.

When you write a book, you have satisfied your inner author. Most people will have an inner author wanting to write and publish a book. This inner author will only be satisfied once you finish the book you want to write. Therefore, writing the book has changed your life as you'll have fulfilled your dream and satisfied the author within you that always wanted to write a book. 


A book will become your legacy


The book you write will be forever in print, somewhere. It will always be printed and published; essentially, never deceasing. You will forever have your voice and creativity written down on paper. This means your fulfilled dream will never be lost or forgotten about.

Can writing a book change your life? Of course! It will help you grow and develop as a person. It will give you a new legacy, new skills and talents and so much more. 

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