Build Relationships with Readers


As an author, it’s essential to break the author-audience barrier. It’s good practice to build relationships with readers and let them get to know you on a much more personal level. Having relationships with readers brings many benefits. 

From relationships, trust and loyalty is built up. From trust and loyalty brings returning customers / readers. Returning customers / readers simply means to you that you have a built up fanbase that enjoy your content and keep coming back for more of your work. 

How do you begin to build relationships with readers?


Create an Open Environment 

Creating an open environment when building relationships simply enables everyone to feel welcomed into a community that they feel comfortable in. When creating this community it’s vital to make it clear to your readers that it’s an open environment; free for anyone to voice their thoughts, opinions, questions, and so on. Showing that you’re an author wanting to let anybody into your community bodes extremely well. It shows that you’re welcoming, not exclusive, and happy to talk to anyone and let anyone discuss anything with your readers. 


Relationships build up trust and loyalty


Be generous  

Going above and beyond for your readers goes a long way. It shows that you’re willing to help your readers in any situation and sense that you can provide help. Giving help to those in need or those with questions simply shows how helpful you are and how knowledgeable you are. Providing your readers with help that will benefit them indicates to them that you not only harbour a lot of intelligence, but that you're willing to share this intelligence to help people in times of need.


Make time for your readers

Not making time for your readers will make them feel that you’re maybe giving up on them or just don’t care for them anymore. You must take time out each day to interact and engage with your readers, and keep them updated. Social media takes a lot of time, but so does keeping in touch with your readers. You may not communicate with all your readers on social media, it may be through email, letters, etc. However you contact your readers and audience, remember to set time aside each day to dedicate yourself to your readers.  


Relationships are what create returning readers


Building relationships with your readers as an author is absolutely crucial. You need to be sure that all your readers feel safe and comfortable in your environment and feel that they can trust you. For more tips on how to build this relationship, subscribers to Tickety Boo Ink can read our Marketing Hub article on it here


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