Best ways to Promote your Book


Simply publishing your book and leaving it alone is not good enough.


You need to be actively and consistently promoting your book.


Starting to promote your book may seem intimidating and challenging. However, it can be made as easy as you want it to be. You market your book the way you want to market it, in your own unique way. This being said, there are a few aspects you must use when promoting yourself and your book. These aspects include…


i. A website

One of the best ways to promote your book is having a website. Without a website, how are people going to find out about you and your book? You need a good, effective online presence in order for more people to know about your book. If people search for your name or your book, the first thing that should come up is your website. This website should give all the information they were looking for; such as about you, about your book/s, and more. People will then feel more connected to you and perhaps even engage with you through your website.


ii. Social media

In this day and age, having a book without having social media is extremely ineffective. Social media will allow you to reach an even larger audience than a website will. You can interact with more people and find people who are specifically interested in reading books in your genre or similar to your genre. The vast amount of people on social media nowadays means that you can reach a large audience; easily.


iii. Blogging

Another good way of promoting yourself, as well as your talents as an author, is through blogging. Running a blog will showcase your talent to those who haven’t ever heard of your or your book; thus, hopefully, attracting new readers. Blogging could also open new opportunities such as cross platform blogging.


iv. Reviews

This can be your own reviews and/or reviewing other books. If you are able to get your own reviews, you will earn respect and credibility from potential readers. Reviews will more than likely gain their attention and make them interested. If you get the chance to review other books, do so. This can simply get your name elsewhere; not just on your website and your social media.


v. Joining communities

An effective way to promote your book can be through writing communities. These communities can help you improve your work; as well as can help you get your name known more. If you can engage with people in these communities, they may feel inclined to read your book as they trust you as an author. Remember, you need to be active in a writing community for it to be effective.


There are a multitude of different other ways you can approach promoting your book. As said, promoting your book is entirely unique to you and how you want to market it. This means you make your marketing strategy individualistic and you are easily recognisable in a sea of authors.

Be sure to make the most of the tools provided to you for marketing purposes. Engage with people and gain their trust.


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