Benefits of the Writing Community


A community is defined as “having a particular characteristic in common”. It means being surrounded by people sharing the same interests and thoughts as you. It’s a place to call home, a place to feel safe in, and so much more. 

The benefits of the writing community are endless. The writing community is one of the easiest ways to surround yourself with people who share your interest in writing and will help increase your writing standards. They will all assist you in growing as an author, learning new skills and techniques that enhance your writing. 

There are plenty more benefits of the writing community...



The good thing about being in a writing community is that you’re going to find people who aren’t afraid of giving their honest opinion on your work. People who know you on a more personal level may feel sceptical or worried about giving an honest opinion; but within a writing community, people want to receive honesty so will give honesty.

The more honest feedback you receive, the more you can improve your writing. Continuous improvement is one of the most important things as an author, so it’s vital you get the right feedback to enable this continuous improvement.


A community is a place that you can call home, full of other authors 



Going hand-in-hand with honest criticism, people within the writing community will offer you support that no one else around you previously could have. On a simple level, writers understand writers.

You’re going to be supported in ways you’ve never been supported before. In the writing community, almost everybody will know the hardship you go through and can offer support through it all simply because they’ve been through it too. The support you’ll get from other writers will be a cushion for you to lean on in times of need.



Simply put, a writing community is the perfect place to promote your work. It’s also the perfect place to learn about new ways to promote your work.

It’s a big struggle to know where to even begin publicising your work as an author. The marketplace is such a vast place nowadays that it can be difficult to ensure your work doesn’t get lost in a sea of books all trying to do the same thing.

As well as having an online society that are going to take definite interest in what you’re offering, you have a community that will help you and teach you new strategies. Everyone in the writing community will have trialled and errored multiple strategies, and people will be willing to discuss what works and what doesn’t because they understand your struggles.


Being part of a community means to be in a group of people you can trust. These people will give you the support and encouragement you need, as well as offering you some constructive criticism. So why not become part of a writing community today?

If all of these benefits of the writing community still haven't persuaded you... you can read our Marketing Hub article where we discuss more benefits and reasons why you should join a writing community now. 


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