Becoming a Freelancer


A freelancer is a writer helping other writers. 

There are thousands of opportunities to get involved with the writing community. Becoming a freelancer is one of those opportunities.


Being a freelancer means being sure of the work you are providing

If you are providing an editing service, you need to be certain you can edit a manuscript confidently and correctly. Any service you are providing that involves writing or the editing of writing requires you to be a good writer yourself. Being a good writer helps improve the standard of work you provide.


It means being approachable and easy to communicate with

In this particular area of expertise, you need to ensure you are comfortable communicating with anyone. Communication is key; you need to be able to get across a truthful explanation of why you have done what you have done. This truthful explanation will allow clients to see that you are trustworthy and reliable. This known reliability could possibly help grow your clients through word of mouth.


You get to choose your area of expertise

When becoming a freelancer, deciding what area you are going to specialise in or what type of writing you are going to do is important. This decision will help shape your jobs and what you provide to potential or current clients. Be sure to choose an area that interests you and that you feel is your strongest area.


You must build a portfolio

Building a portfolio is essential. Without a portfolio to show to potential clients the work that you can provide to them, they will not know the level of work you provide. This portfolio needs to contain work you are proud of and work that you feel is the best you have produced. Showcasing these to potential clients will simply build their interest in you due to the high standard of work they are being shown.


Taking on the career as a freelancer can prove quite tough; however, if you make sure everything is perfect and how you want it, your life will be made easier.

Be sure to gain potential clients trust and confidence in you. Be confident in your work.

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