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At Tickety Boo Ink, we believe all authors should be given equal chances and opportunities.


That's why we give everyone the opportunity to become a featured blogger


Blogging, to some, may be a skill they specialise in. If this is you; you may want to become a featured blogger for Tickety Boo Ink.

Our blog is here to inspire authors and aspiring authors. We hope to encourage people to write and read more, as well as inspiring people to publish the book they have always dreamt of publishing. If you feel you can write a post for our blog that will inspire and encourage others; you are more than welcome to become a featured blogger.

You can simply write a blog post for us, and if we feel it is suited to Tickety Boo Ink and the message we want to portray; we can post it on behalf of you. Being a featured blogger will hopefully mean your writing is reaching a larger audience. With more people seeing what you are capable of; your popularity has the chance to grow.

Show our platform what you are able to do and how experienced you are at writing. Showcase your skills to a wider audience; thus hopefully increasing your audience.

At Tickety Boo Ink, we wish to help and encourage all authors.

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