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Your Tickety Boo Ink author's website is a unique, personalised place dedicated to you and your book only. It’s a place for people to understand you, your writing, why you write, and so much more. An author's website gives people a realistic insight.


Your website is completely customisable


With Tickety Boo Ink, you can design your website and use it in ways you want to. With a variety of themes to choose from, your website will never be the same as anyone else’s. It’s completely unique to you; your style, your branding, your values, your message, etc. It’s all about you.

With your website you also get places to keep track of all your fans or potential fans. Your fanbase system allows you to see who’s contacted you, allows you to keep notes on each contact, allows you to add new fans who have bought your book, and so much more. All these features means you’ll never miss contact with a fan again; and your relationships with your fans will be stronger than ever. The more in touch with your fans you are, the stronger your relationships can be. Strong relationships are important between authors and fans because it converts these fans into loyal readers who return continuously for new content and / or updates.


Having a website is vital


Your author's website allows you to be seen in search engine results, it allows people to put trust into you and truly understand who you are. Owning a website makes you credible and reliable, and it’s one of the best ways to sell your books - directly through you so people know and trust what they’re buying is legitimate.

Your Tickety Boo Ink website can fulfil all this. It ensures you have a full customised website, unique to you and only you, with your book for sale and with all the functionality you deserve and need. Your website allows you to present your values and build relationships with readers at the same time.


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