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In 2017 we decided we wanted to give author’s the freedom they deserve


Getting your book published is becoming increasingly difficult. Traditional publishers are becoming more and more restrictive with what they choose to publish. Editors are taking away author’s creative control. It is all too often that author’s are not allowed to be themselves and have their own voice.

Publishing a book should not be this difficult. It should be simple for anyone to publish the book they wish to publish. Whether this book be nonfiction, fiction, historical; the possibilities when writing a book are endless. These possibilities should not be weighed down by any restrictions publishers and editors establish.

You should have the ability to write and publish whatever book your creativity and imagination can think of. Your creativity should not be limited or regulated. Every author should be allowed to be as creative as they want to be, and showcase their creativity to the world.


In 2018 we launched Tickety Boo Ink


This platform enables authors to maintain their creative control. They have the ability to write and publish any book they want, however many times they want. There are no restrictions to what you can write as an author. Alongside this, every author will have their own unique website enabling them to showcase their writing abilities to the world.

Allow your inner author to be released; creativity and all. Don’t let an editor or a publisher take control of your work. Our author self publishing services enable all of this to become reality. 

Find and use your own voice; all with Tickety Boo Ink.



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