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Once you’ve written your book, you will no doubt be constantly on the hunt for new ways of promoting it. One way you may never have thought about is doing radio or podcast interviews.

Radio and / or podcast interviews are brilliant ways of getting immediate promotion. These interviews are live; they happen as you speak and you’re speaking to real people, with real people listening, therefore any promotion is immediate and happening right then and there. As a result of this, it's vital to make your author radio interview the best it can be. These author radio interview tips will help you with that! 


How do you get a radio interview?


Create a one-page pitch

To get started, you need to write your one-page pitch. This pitch needs to include elements such as who you are / your author bio, what you’ve written / what it’s about, why it’s an appropriate matter, when you’re available, etc.


Identify local radio / podcast shows

It’s then your job to research into local radio shows and the shows that have availability for authors. As well as this you will need to look into podcasts and who runs one suitable for you.


Contact them

Once you’ve identified stations that will be suitable for you; it’s a matter of contacting them! You can do this through email or phone, whichever is the better option for you. If you choose to phone them you will need to make sure your one-page pitch is at the ready and you’re prepared for any questions on you and / or your work.


Tips for your interview

Of course, these author radio interview tips can differ depending on the structure of your interview. Your interview may be face-to-face, but it may also be over the phone. If it’s over the phone, you simply need to remember to prepare before it in terms of getting in a quiet space, getting a drink and really preparing yourself. Then, during the interview…


Remember your purpose

You will have the purpose of entertaining, educating, informing, or anything else you want to do. Try to remember your purpose. Remember that people want to hear about you, get to know you, and so on; not your book.


Don’t waffle

This almost follows on from the previous, but it’s so important to remember to cut the waffle and only say what needs to be said. Be as clear, concise and concrete as possible.


In your interview, you need to show your personality


Try not to use filler words

Filler words are words such as “err” or “umm” that you probably don’t even realise you’re saying. It’s important to try and eliminate these from your vocabulary as you’re taking part in the interview. It makes you seem unprepared and uncertain; when really you need to come across as prepared and organised as possible.


Website URL

If, by the end of the interview, the host or anyone involved has not mentioned your website URL or somewhere to purchase your book; mention it. Just put in a quick word to let people know where to go if they’re interested.


Thank the host / s

It’s extremely important to thank the host and producer / s after the interview. Be as genuine and nice as you can possibly be; show them your true sincerity.


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