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It is not long ago that books were only available to the few, with even fewer people being able to write or produce books. Now of course books are commonplace, both in paper and, in recent years, many electronic formats. With so many books in the world you would think it would be easy to get yourself published and make a living from writing, the truth is somewhat different.

There are many great authors who have struggled to get published and there are even more who never get published.


If you are one of the few that do get published it does not always mean success or you that will receive any great rewards for your creativity. Published authors only get a fraction of the revenues from their books after publication, the majority of the revenue will go to the publisher.

With these thoughts in the forefront of our mind and the many conversations we have had with authors, we decided that Tickety Boo IT, with the help of a few already published authors, could give writers a platform where they can have the freedom to market and sell their writing skills as they see fit.  They can market and sell without publication commission, without editorial control but with the ability to publish anything they wish and in any format for any price.

We have called this platform Tickety Boo Ink. It will be a growing internet platform that will transform the way writers can write, market and publish their work.


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