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Amazon CreateSpace offers a self publishing service, as well as paid professional services.

They have recently stated that they have took the decision to “discontinue CreateSpace’s paid professional editing, design and marketing services” in July 2018. This closure will result in the loss of 58 employees; meaning it is the second round of job cuts made by Amazon in the same area.


"Discontinue paid professional editing, design and marketing services"


According to this article, CreateSpace is advising authors that after 20th April 2018, they will no longer provide any paid professional services. If you have an editing, cover or layout design; CreateSpace will continue to work with you until then.

CreateSpace are choosing to continue with their self publishing services and will still allow authors to publish their books as they wish. The major disadvantage in choosing to stop paid professional services means authors will have to go elsewhere to get their work edited, marketed and designed.

To many, the closure of these Amazon paid professional services will be extremely disadvantageous. Many authors will have to find new platforms and paid professionals. This can devastate a large sum of authors as they previously relied upon Amazon for these services.


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