A Tickety Boo Platform Launch


When it comes to a platform launch, we have to ensure everything is Tickety Boo.

This means setting a date for the launch, creating schedules, making lists, producing targets and rewards, and all the other small elements.


Setting a date:

The launch of our authors platform, Tickety Boo Ink, is set for 1st February. Having this established launch date gave us something to work towards. An established launch date meant we could all produce targets for ourselves to reach before the launch date to ensure we were completely ready for launch.


Being ready:

Being ready for launch is essential; much like being ready for publication. Everything has to be up to standard and the way you want it before you can even begin thinking about launching, or publishing. If it isn’t the way you want it, it’s highly likely that it won’t be the way others want it either. You need to ensure you’re happy for others to see what you have produced.



Having a schedule and group lists ensures we are all working and on task at all times. Without a schedule, it can prove difficult to stay on track and complete all the work necessary. A schedule allows you to see where you are with your tasks and if you are able to finish them all in time. Alongside a schedule, group lists mean that all work that needs to be completed is compiled together and available to all the team.



On the run up to the launch, we kept a countdown on a whiteboard. As the days slowly counted down, it gave us incentive to continue working hard as we could see our progress from the beginning of the countdown. Continuing on from incentives, we gave ourselves targets and rewards for when we launched the platform. These targets and rewards gives us motivation to continue working hard and working towards these targets.


Launch day:

Finally, launch day! The most important day in a launch, is the launch day. We hope to inspire authors or those who want to become authors and encourage them to write and publish the book they have always dreamt about publishing.


Here at Tickety Boo we hope to inspire others and lead a motivational team; providing authors with everything they need and want.

That’s why we ensure our platform launch is Tickety Boo.

Tickety Boo Ink

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