Pinterest for Authors

  • Introduction

  • Why Authors Should use Pinterest

  • Best Practices

  • Conclusion


Not all authors are going to use the same social media platforms. It’s about forming your own strategy; using data to determine what works and where your target audience are residing on social media.

Pinterest may not have been a platform you would’ve considered in the first place, but it is an important one to experiment with and understand how it works.


It’s all about visuals and giving people content they want or need; but in an interesting and innovative way


All your images need to be relevant to  you and your target audience. The more content you can put out, the better; especially if it’s in front of new people.

You will have to keep a close eye on your metrics and analytics to ensure that what you’re doing is as effective as it can be. You need to continuously improve your strategy and approach in order to ensure your content is engaging, eye-catching and entertaining.


Why Authors Should use Pinterest


All social media channels give you more chances to gain website traffic. It’s essentially another place that you’re advertising your name and who you are; reaching a whole new audience that reside on Pinterest.

Pinterest is known for its retention on engagement and interactions; posts that are made months ago are still viewed quite a lot and still retain a high engagement level. It’s about creating content that is evergreen and interesting enough to still retain high view levels.


Un-social network

Pinterest is actually one of the most un-social platforms. It gives you a chance to really focus on your strategy and posting good content; whereas if you do this on other social platforms and fail to engage, people may feel negatively about you. Pinterest is simply the best place to be seen by other people, create more content and post more - without having to worry about interacting and making conversations with people.


Gain inspiration 

This is less about an audience or growing an audience, more about your own journey and experience as an author. Posts on Pinterest may help you gain inspiration for more content, whether it be content for writing or simply content for social media. You may be scrolling through looking for content to share, when you come across something that makes a light bulb go off - without Pinterest, this wouldn’t have happened.


Best Practices

Use a business account

As a user of Pinterest for marketing reasons, it’s best to use a business account. Having a business account automatically gives you free analytics; providing you with results and performance levels that help you improve your strategy. To create your business account, you can go to this page and begin the process as described.


Great profile description 

This works with every platform; you need a great profile description that encapsulates your personality and includes some vital keywords. These keywords help your profile get noticed more through people searching those keywords. Your description needs to be crafted in a way that is engaging, eye-catching and interesting. It needs to make people want to find out more.


Themed boards 

On Pinterest it’s all about creating your own boards, and making these boards themed is the best approach to have. You can make these theme boards centre around your book genre, writing tips, etc. It’s about making it personal to you and knowing what your target audience want. Eventually you’ll discover your target audience’s favourite themed boards and understand how to engage and attract them effectively.


A board for your blogs and book

Having a board specifically for your book and blog (if you have one) can be extremely beneficial. On these boards, you need to put all your own content on it. You need to establish your personality as well as your credibility through these boards. They’re a brilliant way of giving people your own, unique content that familiarises them with your writing. The more unique content you write and put on your Pinterest board/s, the more people will take interest and feel a connection to you.


Optimise post images

It’s important to optimise your own post images to make sure your performance is the best it can be. It’s best practice to use a vertical image that should be 736 pixels wide by 1104 - 2477 pixels tall. You then need to optimise all images by utilising the alt tags - the alt tags are what will appear as the description when people click to pin the image.

You need to be consistent within images and determine a specific theme that remains constant and makes your unique boards look attractive and eye-catching. This theme needs to project your personality and creativity, as well as your skills. People need to get to know who you are and trust you in order to build up a relationship with you.


Be active

One of the important things to remember is that you must be as active as you can be. You need to maintain a strategic approach that means you’re active and consistently sharing new content. The more content you share, the more people you’re going to reach. Pin your own content and other people’s content to make sure your profile is up-to-date.




Pinterest is one of the easiest platforms to use. It enables you to be social without having to be social. You have no worries on the interactions that are so important on other social media channels. You simply need to ensure that the content you’re producing is attractive.


The more attractive, engaging and interesting your content is; the more popular your profile is going to be


People use Pinterest in the same way they use Instagram, for the aesthetics and for a nice looking profile. The better your profile looks, the more people are going to enjoy it. Saying this, you need to remember that Pinterest is not just about having a nice looking account, you need to have an account that has unique content on to get the right audience interested and heighten the chances of gaining new fans and readers.

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