Instagram for Authors

  • Introduction

  • Focus on your Audience

  • Be Consistent

  • Hashtags

  • Use Various Content Types

  • Keep it Appealing

  • Use Analytics

  • Conclusion


Instagram is a massive marketplace for growing an audience and building strong connections with them. With over 800 million users, Instagram gives you the opportunity to reach new people each and every day.


When using Instagram, it’s all about getting perfect imagery that looks good and matches your branding


It’s important to make sure the images you post are attractive and eye-catching. Bad imagery can damage your reputation on Instagram immediately. Take a look at other authors similar to you, what they’re posting, the responses they get, and so on. Familiarise yourself with the niche you’re in and what is most popular within that niche on Instagram.

You’ll need to experiment with what imagery works for you. It may take a while to grasp how to make your profile look attractive, but eventually you’ll understand what works and you’ll see results.

But, how do you make Instagram work for you?


Focus on your Audience

You may get into the habit of posting photos that you think are nice, or that are similar to photos you’ve seen posted by people you follow. However, this is not good practice.

You need to be constantly focussed on your target audience.


You need to understand what posts will attract them and what posts they like


If you already have an extended knowledge of your audience, it will be quite easy to know what to post. However, if not, you may need to experiment and make data-driven decisions from the results and response you gain from each post you make. 

Whenever you make a post, you need to ask yourself if your audience will find it interesting or eye-catching. It’s all well and good you finding the post intriguing, but the post is not for you. It’s for your audience. You must always put them first and try to determine what they want from you.


Be Consistent

You can’t just make an Instagram account, post 10 times in 2 days, then give up. You need to remain consistent and keep up the regular posting.


It’s good practice to create a posting schedule that’s actually feasible


Nothing has to be set in stone, but try finding out the best days and times for you to post and stick to these. If you want to be constantly growing your audience, you’re going to need to be present on Instagram. Without a good presence, people are going to think you don’t care and will eventually unfollow you due to your inactivity.

You’ll need to experiment with consistency; when your audience respond the most, if the amounts of posts per day alters this, and so on. You need to find a best fit to your audience.




Hashtags on Instagram are used to collate posts all using the same hashtags in the caption. Hashtags are one of the easiest ways to get your posts noticed by more people. People can actually follow hashtags which means posts using that hashtag appear within their feed, so your post could potentially appear in feeds of people who don’t follow you.


Using hashtags in your captions is one of the easiest ways to get your content in front of more people


As well as this, it can get the content in front of the right people. Using the right hashtags ensures that your content is in the searches of people who will actually be interested in you and what you have to offer. Hashtags are also good for bringing people together, for creating a community. Being part of a community is always beneficial as you begin to build connections with people and consequently earn potential readers.

There are so many generic writing hashtags out there, it’s about deciding which will work best for you and which your target audience are looking at. Experiment with which hashtags you use, don’t stay using the same few hashtags on every post you make. You want to get in front of as many people as you can, and constantly using different hashtags will do this.


Use Various Content Types

Instagram provides everyone with endless possibilities of content types. You can post the normal static photo, videos, then there’s stories you can post that enable you to do content such as videos, photos, boomerangs, use filters, and so much more.

All these different content types ensure your account isn’t static and constantly the same; it provides your audience with new content each time you post.


Having different types of content shows you’re versatile and you know what you’re doing on Instagram


It also means you’re not just posting the same old content all the time, which can get boring. Switching it up and changing what you’re doing adds a new side to your account and makes it much more exciting.

Try using all the functions that Instagram provides for content. This can include going live, having story highlights on your profile, and so on. All these types of content are free for you to use and simply makes your account much more dynamic and fun. You want to entice new people in whenever you can, and you most likely aren’t going to with the same, persistent content.


Keep it Appealing

As mentioned in the introduction, Instagram is a visually appealing based platform. It’s all about ensuring the posts you make are visually appealing and enough to entice people into following you.

There are plenty of ways to ensure your Instagram feed is appealing. They range from keeping a colour scheme, having a filter theme (Instagram provide you with lots of filters to put onto each image you post), and so on. Instagram lays out its images in rows of threes, which you can utilise to have a theme that goes along rows.


Anything you do, it needs to look good; that’s all that matters


Your profile needs to look clean, tidy and beautiful. 

It’s all about constantly making sure your profile looks visually appealing to new people. If it looks messy and untidy, it may be a good idea to start again and brainstorm ideas for new themes you can follow. Have a look at other accounts and see what themes they have.

Whatever you do, make sure the theme you choose is feasible and easy to maintain.


Use Analytics

This is obvious for every social media platform out there. You must keep an eye on your analytics and pay attention to the responses you get day by day. It’s important to do this as you will then be able to determine what works and what doesn’t work so well for you.


Making data-driven decisions on your strategy and how to improve it is vital


You need to see what posts get the best reactions and what your audience like seeing the most. From this, you can then post more of them and hopefully interest your audience even more. You need to be constantly striving to improve your account and improve what you post.

Looking at your analytics enables you to eliminate what obviously doesn’t work as well and then do more of, and enhance, what is working. It allows you to improve your Instagram ‘game’ and do the best you can do.



Instagram is all about posting visually appealing photos that entice people in and make people feel something. You want people to be attracted to the posts you make and find them exciting and enticing. Your profile needs to look clean, tidy and attractive.

You’ll need to experiment with everything that you can when using Instagram. You’ll need to constantly analyse your insights/analytics and determine what your audience prefer the most, and what brings in more people. You need to be constantly looking to grow your audience and reach more people through hashtags and visually appealing posts. You’ll also need to experiment with what you’re posting and what types of content you’re using. Try and determine what engages your audience the most.


At the end of the day; Instagram is all about entertaining and engaging an audience


It’s about posting content that your audience and potential audience members will enjoy and will find attractive. You need to be continuously thinking of them and what they want from your account.


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