Book Launch Checklist

  • Introduction

  • 4 Months Before

  • 3 Months Before

  • 2 Months Before

  • 1 Month Before

  • 1 Week Before

  • Launch Day

  • After Launch

  • Conclusion


All book launch campaigns are different. They vary in multiple ways and it’s tough to pinpoint exactly what factors need to be done by when. This is why this article is mainly a guideline to follow, you may only find certain parts useful.


A book launch can be extremely beneficial and helpful to extend and enhance the reach of your book


You can build up towards your book launch to create excitement and anticipation. This will hopefully begin to build up an audience that are excited to read your content and read what you have to offer. The more you can increase your audience size even before publication, the more potential readers you’re going to acquire once you’ve published and released your book.

It’s all well and good wanting to shape an effective book launch, but without knowing how to ensure you’ve got everything in it, it’s not going to be as effective as you want it to be. You need to craft a checklist that you can keep updated and keep referring to to ensure you’ve done everything necessary. 

Here’s a generic checklist we created.

4 Months Before

By the time 4 months before your book launch comes along, you should have already begun building up your community. You can do this by…

Having your own author website


Creating social media accounts

Joining writing communities

Already at this point it’s about defining your strategy so far and determining what approaches you’re going to have and making an effort to build up connections. Once you reach 4 months before your decided book launch, you need to ramp up all your efforts even more.


You need to create a marketing plan


If you’re unsure where to get started with this step, we have another article that would be perfect for you. (link book marketing plan article). This marketing plan has to include factors such as:

Target market

What social media channels you’re using/going to use

How you’re going to build these channels up

Any special offers you can do

Events you’d like to do

Your goals and what metrics you’re going to measure

Defining all of these aspects within your book marketing plan is essential and it needs to be done as soon as possible to ensure you know the exact route and direction you’re heading in.

3 Months Before

Three months before the launch, it’s a good idea to get beta readers. Beta readers are test readers that will read through your book and give you constructive feedback so you can improve anything they’ve picked up on. They are simply ‘normal’ readers with no profession, so they will give you the opinion that your average reader will give you which can be extremely beneficial.


At this point, it’s also a good idea to begin setting up certain things and enquiring about activities and events


This is all actually dependent on what activities you’re going to be taking part in, for example whether you’re planning on doing a blog tour or even having your book launch offline. All events, online or offline, that you’ve included within your book marketing plan need to start being planned and enquired on. The later you leave it, the less of a chance you have of it running smoothly.

Remember to try to reach out to anyone and everyone that might be able to help you. Stay professional but also friendly, show them why they should work with or partner with you.

2 Months Before

When it gets to two months before, you’ve hopefully got everything lined up as we mentioned at the three-month’s mark. If not, keep working on these interactions and sorting out these events.


If by this point you’ve finalised your book cover, release it!


Releasing your book cover before launch works extremely effectively as it gives people an idea of the genre and tone of your book whilst also not giving too much away for free. You need to ensure your book cover is of high quality, an eye-catching image and is catered towards your target audience. People take notice of effective and appealing imagery, so when you post your book cover image, you need to make sure it’s as engaging as it can be. 

It can also be a good idea to begin to update your website and social media accounts if you have them. These updates may just be to have a quick bit of text telling readers when your book is due to be released, or even a synopsis and bit about your book on your website. Whatever suits you, do it. Remember the run up to your book launch is all about creating excitement and anticipation.

1 Month Before

It’s finally a month before your book launch! By this point everything should be finalised and ready to go. There may be other factors such as press releases to write if you need or want to. At this point you can still reach out to new people to build up new connections that will help you when you’ve published and released your book. 

Here’s also a good time to join groups if you had not previously. These groups may be writing community websites or they may just be Facebook groups, but either way it’s a good idea to join any groups you can to build up connections with people who share the same interests as you. It ensures that you’re in a community that can offer support and encouragement and enjoy your work at the same time. 

Of course, as mentioned, all of this is generic and may not apply to you.


A good way to build even more excitement is to post teasers, maybe just sentences or paragraphs


This way, your audience will begin to get to know your book more and the tone you wrote in. It helps people see what your book is going to be like and allows them to make decisions on whether it will be for them or not. Teasers are brilliant ways of creating more excitement and anticipation as it gives readers a chance to see what’s coming.

1 Week Before

The week before the launch is almost as important as the day of the launch. This week is for ticking everything off your list and ensuring everything is done. As well as this, you need to do some extra work. You will need to get an email written and ready to be sent off about your launch, as well as social posts. On top of this, you need to make sure all of this is done (only if applicable to your strategy)...


You’ve finalised your book marketing plan

You’ve started a blog

You’ve joined communities and groups

You’ve released your book cover

You’ve updated your website and social media

You’ve created a sign-up form and have formulated an email list

You’ve got all your events planned and finalised

You’ve got feedback from your beta readers


Whatever you planned to get done in your marketing plan, needs to be pretty much done or ready to be done


The week before your launch is all about ticking everything applicable off your checklist. If there’s aspects not completed you need to plan when it’s going to be completed and how.

Launch Day

It’s launch day! You’ve made it! 

Today’s the day you’ve been running up to and, hopefully, due to all your planning the day will run smoothly and everything will go the way you want it to. Your book launch is your day and you need to focus on launching your hard work so everyone can access it.


Launch day will consist of posting on your accounts, updating your website and anything else related to your book that you’ve done so far


Post that your book has been published and is available to buy on every platform you can. On certain social platforms, there are specific hashtags to use that will ensure your posts reach an even wider audience, it’s important to use these hashtags to ensure that your book publication and launch reaches as many people as possible.

Remember: don’t overwhelm people will your book launch. You may want to post a million times due to excitement but try to keep the posts to a minimum; enough to excite and engage audiences but not enough to make them feel you’re shoving your book launch down their throat.

After Launch

After your launch day, you can’t forget to keep promoting your work.


You’ve got to remember that book marketing plan you created and how important it is to stick to it


You defined your goals and failing to promote your book after its launch will hinder you from reaching these goals. You should’ve created a timeline that enables you to see how you’re going to sell and promote your book, what you’re going to do and when.

Try to stay away from being consistently promotional. Audiences on social media prefer people to be sociable rather than constantly promoting what they’re trying to sell. Being friendly and human works much better than persistently marketing and promoting the book you’ve published. It allows audiences to build up connections with you and begin to trust you as an author.


As previously mentioned, every single author is going to have a different approach to their book launch. However, the main thing in common will be having a checklist to ensure everything that needs to be done is done and finalised before the book publication and launch. 

It’s important to define your marketing plan and your goals. These factors will then help you along the route to a successful book launch as you know what direction you want to go in and what you need to do to set you in that direction. Essentially, every author wants to reach the widest audience they can reach. They want new audiences to see their book on launch day and take interest so it’s all about being involved, using hashtags, starting conversations and keeping everything up-to-date to engage everyone, even before launch day.


Whether you’re planning on launching your book online or offline, every author needs a book launch checklist


This checklist must be customised and unique to you; it needs to include everything you’re planning on doing, how you’re going to do, who you need to contact, a deadline, and so on. Your checklist is what’s going to keep you on track for the most effective book launch you can dream of.  

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