Promoting your Book

Book promotion can be an avenue that you don't even want to go down; but it has to be done. There are so many ways to begin promoting your book, starting even before publication.

Your Website Checklist

Your website is going to be one of the most important aspects of marketing your book so, it's vital you get it right. Having a checklist for your website ensures you've got all the information you need in it.

Email Marketing for Authors

Emails get sent directly to people who are interested. You need to send out emails that are entertaining, engaging, personable and add value to your subscribers lives.

Book Marketing Mistakes

When writing and publishing a book, you HAVE to market it. Even if you only market it on a small scale, it's vital to remember that marketing your book will mean you reach new audiences every single day.

Why you Need a Blog

A blog is a place to showcase your knowledge and expertise. It's a place to show your readers who you are and your talents. Your blog builds up a community; a place for people to learn.

Your Authors Website Essentials

A website is possibly one of the easiest places for people to get to know you and communicate with you.

Creating An Author Brand

An author brand is something that allows people to recognise you and connect with you. It combines your beliefs, values, inspirations, and so on to create your persona.

What Authors Should Blog About

Blogging is a way of sharing your knowledge and talent. There are an endless amount of topics you can blog about as an author.

Improve Book Sales

It's easier than ever to get lost in a sea of books and not achieve the sales you were aiming for. But fear not, there are plenty of ways to improve your book sales.

Finding the Right Keywords

Keywords are used by people searching for new content; so it's important to find keywords that will increase your books reach.

Building Relationships with Readers

Building relationships and connections with readers is vital to obtaining loyal customers and forming a fanbase.

Social Media for Authors

On social media, you make the effort to be engaging and interactive. You need to start discussions, be authentic and build connections.

Facebook for Authors

Facebook provides a place to interact and engage with a wide audience. It's about being personable and human.

Twitter for Authors

Twitter is about finding new people and new discussions every single day by using keywords and hashtags. It's about conversing.

Benefits of a Professional Email

A professional email address reassures recipients who the sender is, and allows them to trust you.

Do You Need A Book Trailer

A book trailer is something you may not have considered; but it's something that will leave a lasting impression. It'll be forever available to watch.

Great Website Content

The content of your website needs to tell visitors everything there is to know about you and your work. You need to provide answers to questions they have.

Imagery for Your Website

The imagery you choose for your website needs to provoke emotion, be of high quality and align with your brand.

Effective Book Launch

Holding a book launch creates excitement and, hopefully, enables you to reach a whole new audience. An effective book launch gets your book into the hands of the right people.

Do You Need A Website

A website should be at the heart of your marketing strategy. It's where visitors, from new to old, get to know about you, your work and your talent. A website is absolutely vital.

Importance of Marketing

Failing to market your book is detrimental. Marketing your book ensures you reach new people almost every day. Your marketing strategy needs to be unique to you and data-driven.

Instagram for Authors

Instagram is all about being visually appealing and enticing new audiences in through hashtags and beautiful photos. It's about understanding what your audience enjoy and are attracted to.

Your Target Audience

It's more important than ever to identify your target audience and tailor your marketing efforts towards those who are destined to take an interest in what you have to offer. But how do you do this?

Writing Community

To be in a community means to be surrounded by people who take an interest in what you take an interest in. It allows you to get involved in new discussions, build relationships, and so much more.

Using Goodreads

Goodreads is to authors what Spotify is to bands and artists. It's all about readers finding new books and new authors to connect with. You're going to be reaching an audience you know will be interested.

Our Quick SEO Tips

SEO is about improving your ranking and relevancy in keyword searches that your target audience do to find work and content similar to yours. The higher you're ranked, the more people you reach and the more people you engage.

Effective Imagery

Images must add value to content. They need to show your brand, your authenticity, and so much more in order to allow your readers to trust you and build relationships with you. Images are what get peoples attention.

Book Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan is what will assist you through the launch and marketing of your book to reach goals you have defined. This plan will make your goals easily achievable.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon's “advertising solutions for books” allows you to advertise your book alongside best selling novels similar to yours. Customise your book with keywords to reach the right people.

Best Posting Times

Social media is about using data to enhance your performance. You need to get a good idea of when your audience are active and when gets you the most engagement.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a tool that allows you to pay to boost a post or your page and gain positive results from it. In this guide we talk you through the basics of using Facebook advertising.

Get More Content Clicks

Getting more content clicks is about creating content that is worthy of the clicks. It needs to be engaging, eye-catching and enticing. You need to grab the attention of your target reader immediately.

Emotional Advertising

Emotions guide people to taking decisions. When people are overcome by emotion, it often leads to them making decisions. You can exploit this and use emotional advertising to push sales.

Get The Most Out of Your Website

Your website is your dedicated place. It's the place where people will find out everything there is to know about you and your book/s.

Social Media Algorithms

Social media channels are constantly changing their algorithms to improve their platforms and users experiences. Find the latest changes here.

Social Media Marketing Plan

A plan is something that guides you towards your goals. It builds you a path to follow and ensures your performance on social media is the best it can be.

Radio Interviews for Authors

Radio interviews allow for real time, immediate marketing. They allow wide audiences to get to know more about you and understand you better.

Email Campaign Checklist

Email campaigns are extremely effective as it ensures your email and message gets sent directly to people; and hopefully in a manner that is engaging enough for them to open it.

Book Launch Checklist

A book launch, whilst not necessary, is extremely effective and useful to increase the reach of your book. To ensure you do everything right, creating a book launch checklist is essential.

Giveaway Campaign

Giveaway campaigns are effective as people are always interested by things they can win for free. The more value you offer, the more popular your giveaway will be; therefore increasing your reach.

Launching Your Book

Launching your book into the marketplace is not as easy as it sounds. It's about making sure you get everything done to a unique and individual standard.

Online Book Tour

An online book tour allows you to make tour stops on your own platform or other host platforms. It consists of unique and interesting content that reaches new audiences.

How to get Book Reviews

People trust people. People will look at book reviews to get a true insight and taste to your book, in order to make the decision on whether to purchase and read it or not.

How to Write Your Author bio

An author bio is what helps you establish yourself as an author, building up your personality and credibility. It makes you more trustworthy and enables people to trust you.

Important Website Metrics

Owning a website doesn't stop there. Owning a website means looking at your analytics and understanding the overall performance of your website.

Important Social Metrics

Understanding your audience and what they enjoy and engage with on social media is vital. The best way to do this is to keep up-to-date with important metrics to determine performance.

Pinterest for Authors

Pinterest is a visual platform that relies on beautifully designed imagery and infographics. It's a brilliant way of engaging a new, wide audience and giving them new content every day.

Content Strategy

Developing a content strategy allows you to map out all the content you're wanting to create and deliver, and when. It means you stay on top of all your work and effectively run your strategy.

Author Mission Statement

A mission statement is something that enables you to stay focused and motivated. It will help you easily progress towards your end goals, in a systematic and effective way.

Analyse Competition

As an author, you're going to have competition. You need to understand this competition; what they do, who their audience is, where they are on social media, their strategies, and more.

Increase Social Following

If you're on social media, you're going to want to continuously grow your audience. Growing your audience is not as easy as you may think. It's about understanding them, and more.

Your Book Description

Your book description is one of the most important elements to your sales strategy. It's what people will read first, and what will encourage or discourage people from purchasing your book.

Website Strategy

It can be a good idea to determine a website strategy that enables you to define goals and find the best and most effective way to reach those goals.

Call to Action Tips

A call to action is designed to induce the visitor into taking, well, an action. This action can be absolutely anything, but how do you entice people enough to take the action?

Guide to Guest Blogging

Guest blogging allows you to expose your knowledge and talents to a whole new audience that will matter to you. It means your efforts are expanded.

eCommerce Conversions

If you're selling on your website, you're going to want to optimise for the most conversions possible. This means designing and optimising an effective eCommerce page.

Content Marketing Strategy

It's all about defining your strategies for getting your content noticed by more people, and for making interactions more meaningful.

SEO Mistakes

SEO is the process of improving your website to improve its search engine result ranking. However, you have to get it right. You need to make sure to avoid these mistakes.

Reach the Right Readers

To reach the right readers with the right content at the right time is 100% more effective than reaching the wrong readers, even if it's with the right content at the right time.

Social Posting Frequencies

Everyone is going to have a different social media strategy. No two accounts are going to have the same optimal posting frequency; so, experiment to find yours.

Grow Your Email List

If email marketing is part of your strategy, you're going to want to continuously grow your email list and expand the audience you have access to.

Email Marketing do's and Don't's

Email marketing enables you to send your message directly to the people who matter the most; those who registered interest in you.

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