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Tickety Boo Ink is the Next Generation of Website designed for independent authors.

Our websites do a lot more than just display your books, they drive more sales, get you more fans and help you keep them in the long term.

Everything you need to be independent is available for a simple low monthly subscription and with over 110 powerful features you can be sure you will have all the tools you need to grow. Here are the highlights


A beautiful Content Managed Website

An Advanced Fanbase Manager

Google G-Suite

Business Level Email

Your Own Domain

Email Marketing

Powerful SEO

Access from Any Device

SuperFast Hosting


One Simple Login

Easy to use control panel


We will build it for you!

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1. You need to like Tickety Boo Ink Facebook page and it be live when entries are considered.

2. You may like our page as many times as you wish with various accounts.

3. The prize is limited to our Author subscription service.

4. G-Suite services are NOT included.

5. Winning entries must not break our ethics policy.

6. All winners agree that we can publicise the new website.

7. There will be one winner, minimum per month.  

8. Each entrant can only win one prize.

9. The winning subscription is for 12 months.

10. All winners and websites are subject to the terms and condition posted on our website.



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