Why we Created Ink


In 2017 we decided we wanted to give author’s the recognition they deserve.

Once you've published your book, marketing it and getting the recognition you deserve may prove extremely difficult. Traditional publishers often help with the marketing of books they have published, whereas those who self publish may find it more worrying to market their book. 

Gaining this recognition should not be this difficult. However, if you have a website you will be on your way to gaining it. Having a website will mean you have a good online presence; this will allow people to search for you and see your work. Without a website to showcase your work, you will be missing out on a large potential audience. 

In 2018 we launched Tickety Boo Ink.

Tickety Boo Ink gives you this essential website. You can self publish your book, then showcase your work and your talent on your very own authors website. This website is customisable and can be made unique to you and your writing voice. 

With this website, it will be more than easy to promote and market your work. You have the option to sell your book/s on your website; as well as being able to create an engaging memoir dedicated to you and your work. This memoir is there to attract potential readers and keep them interested. This interest will then hopefully be converted to a book sale. 

Alongside this, Tickety Boo Ink will be creating an Independent Author's Directory. This will be there with the intention of marketing authors who have self published and are struggling to market their books. This struggle will hopefully be resolved through this Directory; where we simply allow authors to showcase their name and a bit about themselves and their books. Everyone has access to this Directory and can search for any genre of book they may be looking for. This will, essentially, allow people to easily find you if they want something new to read. 

We created Tickety Boo Ink to allow authors to market their work effectively and get the recognition they deserve. 


Tickety Boo Ink

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