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Our marketing software is built for you.

The Ink team specifically believe in giving writers and authors the recognition and rewards they deserve. So what can we do to help you?


1) Give you all the marketing software you need.

In order to sell yourself, you need an advanced marketing software solution. This advanced marketing solution will simply get you recognised and known.

2) You get a CRM system to manage your fans and contacts.

Managing your fans makes for good relationships between you and them. This relationship can be detrimental to gaining a good reputation.

3) You can sell your book/s and keep all the earnings.

Often, in terms of traditional publishing, most of the revenue goes to the publishers. Selling your book/s on our marketing software, you get to keep all the earnings from sales.

4) With features such as an unlimited amount of pages, you can customise your website and write as much as needed.

Feel like you've got so much content one website won't hold it all? Don't fret! Our websites allow you to write as much content as you want, with an unlimited amount of pages.

5) There are many more features designed to help you with your marketing software, but, overall, we can help you get recognised.

You can find our feature index here and check all the features out. 


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The marketing software we provide is fully catered to writers and authors such like you. The world is waiting for you to be seen and noticed, and once you are - it'll all be worth it. 

We are here to help you, every step of the way.

Become the recognised author you deserve to be, today. 

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