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In the UK, around 2.5 - 3.5 million people apply to publish a book each year.  Out of those, approximately 250,000 are successful.

These 250,000 successfully traditionally publish their book; but how many of the up to 3.5 million people turn to self publishing? And how many of these fail to get the recognition they want?

If you have self published, marketing your book can prove difficult. Your book can easily get lost in a sea of other books. Self publishing isn't easy, you may feel as though you are having to deal with every aspect of publishing by yourself. However, we aim to change this frightening element of loneliness. 

With Tickety Boo Ink, you get a website to market and perhaps even sell your book/s on. You get the chance to present your abilities on your very own authors website, which is fully customisable and can be made unique to you as an author. You need a website to market your book; without a good online presence, you can potentially be missing out on a large, engaging audience. 

Alongside this website, we will feature your name on a Directory. It is optional, yet free. This Directory will showcase your name, work and a small bio you write for yourself. This will simply get your name out there even further and promote your work. The website is open to the public; anyone will be able to utilise it and search for books. 

Tickety Boo Ink is built to help you get the recognition you deserve. 

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