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To inspire writers and independent authors to write, get published and enjoy all the rewards for their work and talent.

It's too often we see authors that aren't aware of how to effectively market and promote their book/s; leading them to get lost in a huge array of books similar to theirs. Our mission is to eliminate this hardship.

We aim to give authors a marketing solution, a place to market their work and enjoy all rewards for their talent. They can sell and promote their books to a wider audience with our marketing software.

It is easier than ever for your work to get lost in a sea of other books, and we know how difficult it is to market and promote your book. That’s exactly why we make it easy to create and own a unique authors website. Your unique authors website is somewhere to showcase your talents and work to the wide audience of people using the internet nowadays. 

The Tickety Boo Ink team believe in writers and authors reaping the reward they deserve through gaining recognition they deserve. It's difficult to gain this recognition without specific marketing software and solutions. That's exactly why we provide this marketing software to all writers. 

Our marketing software is designed to get you and your work recognised.

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