The Importance of Marketing


"The heart of success lies in its marketing."

Do you know how important marketing is? Without marketing, people aren't going to know about you and your work. Marketing is your way of telling the world who you are, what you do and what you sell. You want as many people as you can possibly reach to know about you and your work; the only way to reach these people is through marketing. 

As an author, you'll be wanting to appeal to customers and consumers rather than businesses. The most popular ways of reaching customers and consumers are:

- Direct selling

- Earned media

- Internet marketing

- Paid advertising

- Word of mouth advertising

- Social networks

You don't necessarily have to stick to doing just these, or doing all of these. As long as you do one of these suggestions, you're marketing yourself and your work. Marketing is so important. Without it, you're not going to be seen as much as you desire to be seen. 

If you're unsure of these ways of marketing, here's a small explanation of each...

Direct selling:

Simply marketing and selling products directly to consumers. This can consist of building relationships with consumers, online and offline. This relationship is important whether you're directly selling or not, as it builds up a reputation and trust for you. 

Earned media:

Earned media is publicity not created through payments. Examples of earned media are testimonials, word of mouth, articles, and so on. Earned media is earned organically and, essentially, from your customers. 

Internet marketing:

This combines web and email to advertise and drive sales. Internet marketing does not necessarily mean social media, but can combine with this. 

Paid advertising:

Simply put, this is paying for your advertising efforts. This can be through PPC campaigns, Google, social media and more. Paid advertising enables you to reach more people the more you spend. 

Word of mouth advertising:

This is unpaid advertising, and relies simply upon you and your customers. You need to give your customers a reason to spread your name and to talk positively about you.

Social networks:

This is mainly social media. Social media is a way to be social, as the name would give away. It means you need to converse and engage with people on a daily basis and get to know your potential fans. Share valuable content that readers can enjoy and share themselves.

Overall, marketing yourself and your work is extremely important. Without marketing, you're automatically missing out on a large audience that use the internet to search for work specifically like yours. There are many more ways to market your work than the above options, but these are a great way to start your promotion journey. 

The main thing to remember is to always converse and be engaging. 


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