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If you’ve ever dreamt of being a published author; then self publishing may be the easiest way to fulfil your dream.

There is such a vast amount of online companies available now that make self publishing easier than ever. These companies will allow you to print your book; they will all differ from one another, however, each have the same outcome. They all print and publish your book for you.

With, you can create, print and sell your books through all major retail channels. There’s a large variety of people who can utilise’s printing services such as authors, teachers, artists, and more. simply allows you to publish your book and sell it on their site. You also have access to multiple guides that may help you in the process of publication.


AuthorHouse offer services on top of printing your book, such as editorial services, formatting, design services, marketing services and more. AuthorHouse can help you through every step towards the process of publishing your book, and every step afterwards.


BookBaby offer a wide variety of services, for before publication and in terms of publication. They offer services such as editing, cover design, formatting, press releases, marketing consultation services and more. BookBaby has an online calculator when pricing up what services you want out of their website; so you can personally see how much it will cost for what you require.


CreateSpace is possibly one of the most independent book publishing companies. Since they are discontinuing their paid professional services, a lot of the preparation is down to you. CreateSpace provide DIY tools such as interior reviewer, cover creator and more to make it easy for you to do it yourself.


Blurb has an endless amount of possibilities in books you can publish, from photo books, to paperbacks, to magazines and eBooks. You also get options to sell through Blurb and your own website, purchase creation tools such as Adobe InDesign and much more.

Xlibris Publishing

Similar to most self publishing companies, Xlibris provides add-on services such as editing, formatting, cover design and many more. Xlibris has a variety of packages to choose from in regards to printing your book, whether it be black and white or in colour, etc.


Self publishing is on the rise; it is seen as one of the most popular ways to publish a book as the author remains in full control and can do everything they want to do in regards to their book, without an editor taking over.

Each of these self publishing companies aim to give you the best experience when it comes to book publishing.


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