Do you Need an Author's Website?


The simple answer is yes.

You definitely need a website if you're an author. Without a website, who's going to see you? A website is a platform to showcase yourself, your talent and your work. 

The most effective way of showcasing your talent and work to others is through a website. A website that will give you instant credibility and allow you to build up your community.

Without a website, people will struggle to find out about you and your work. A website is a dedicated place to compile everything about you and your work; for everyone to see. Your website should be a place where readers can feel more connected to you and engage with you.

Your authors website will allow people to find you much more easily than before. If people search for you or your books and your website appears, you will automatically seem more reliable and in a better position than if you did not own a website. If the only results that come up when you are searched is your social media, it won’t be as effective as having a website. Social media has a multitude of distractions leading people to leave your social media to go to another; whereas a website means they are focussed on your work in particular and suffer from no distractions.

Not owning a website puts you at a major disadvantage against those authors who have personalised websites showcasing their work and talent. You will seem unreliable and unprofessional if you fail to own a website for your author career. Your author website acts as a hub for your writing; where agents, publishers, readers and fans or potential fans can learn about your work.

Whilst social media is effective for selling yourself and your work; it will not work as well as having a website. You need this website to showcase your talent and work to the world. If you do not have this website, you will seem unprofessional and potential readers could feel deterred or disheartened by your lack of a website and online presence.

Be sure to keep your website unique to you and your work. It needs to not only show who you are as an author but who you are as a person. You need to allow readers of your website to feel connected with you and get to know you; as well as getting familiar with the work you have produced.

Most people will look at your website for 3 seconds before choosing to stay or leave; make it worthwhile.

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