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Tickety Boo Ink provides you with a showcase for your talent, a website that will market and sell your books allowing you to keep all the profits.

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"I was lucky and had my first two books published the traditional way. Never again.

Innovative, flexible, easy to use, and quite simply brilliant, Tickety Boo Ink is the future for writers, at every stage of our craft."

D.J. Brazier

Showcase Your Talent


If you have a talent for writing you need a place to showcase your work. Tickety Boo Ink's simple tools and resources will enable you have a unique website to showcase your talent, sell your books, work and skills without any external editorial control.  

No IT experience is required to get online, in no time you will be building your fan base, selling your work and showcasing your writing your way.


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Sell Your Books


We understand that the hardest part of being a author is selling your work and being found by potential readers.

Our authors website package enables you to have a focal point for your talent allowing the public to find you and buy your books with a few simple clicks.  You can either build a website yourself with our simple to use platform or we will be happy to complete it for you for a donation.



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Greater Rewards


We believe that you should be rewarded for your talent without the need to pay commission or fees. 

Tickety Boo Ink enables authors to sell direct to anyone, anytime, anywhere and to keep all of the profits. We take no agent fees and no commission at any time, so you receive the just rewards for your talent.  


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Marketing Your Work


Your new Tickety Boo Ink website enables you to sell your books and keep all the profits, but it also enables you to develop a fan base to whom you can market your work.

The website is a powerful yet easy to use fan database manager, an email newsletter platform, social media integration, Google G-Suite, Google Analytics and gives you all the help you need to market and sell your work.


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